About us

Welcome to the website of the Technical Office of the Civil Engineer Theodoros P. Fragidis.

Theodoros P. Fragidis’ technical office is located in Thessaloniki and takes on design and construction projects since 1988. The office has implemented numerous private buildings, blocks of flats and industrial buildings both at the design and at the construction level. The technical office is staffed by experienced civil engineers and partners that have multiannual worksite and project experience and can undertake all segments of a project from design through construction with consistency and effectiveness.

The technical office undertakes and carries out the whole range of private projects. Specifically, our scope of operations is the following: 

Building Permits    

From the project planning and design until the full implementation of Town Planning, our office is at your disposal for any type of license you may need.

Design & Build

Having the experience and technological know how we may draw up and implement the desired design.

-Elaboration of architectural studies and photorealistic visualization of the project by using professionalsoftware like, Autocad, Cadware, Revit.

-Structural design of Reinforced Concrete, Metal Buildings, Composite Structures by using software packages such as, Statics 2012, Instant, Metallcad, Strucad.

-Elaboration of energetic studies and inspections, bioclimatic building design by using appropriate software 4M actionable

With the help of experienced and well-equipped partners we undertake on your behalf to construct the project that you have decided, from the initial excavation to its final delivery.


Being in close cooperation with the customer we have the ability to rennovate your old house or shop and bring out their aesthetics and functionality, while we can also upgrade their energy performance.

Topographical Studies-Design

We also undertake within and outside the planning of the town the drafting and design of Topographic Chart EGSA 87 and Hatt by using Topcon Geodetic station and Satellite station Hi-Target.

Legalization of Illegal Constructions-Building Identity

Legalizations of Illegal Constructions (N.4014/2011), Regularizations of semi-outdoor spaces (N.3843/2010) by issuing technical reports, and the preparation of any other document relating to the field of Civil Engineer.


Finally, from 2012 onwards, Theodoros Fragidis’ technical office has expanded its activity in the market of real and optimum exploitation of Properties (Real Estate), with the main focus being in Halkidiki along with the rest of Greece.
We are at your disposal to discuss what interests you and help you find the best solution for the purchase and use of your property.